Just Lovers Intertwined With No Place To Go

Harvested a couple days ago, these carrots fell in love, creating a heart-shape, deep in the hospital garden soil.

4 thoughts on “Just Lovers Intertwined With No Place To Go

  1. Maya,
    Don’t communicate often but do enjoy your lovely blogs.
    Pictures and stories are delightful to spend time with.
    Now an hour has gone by within which Alberto’s photos were a real treat. Each one had fine color and verve. Yours too and those of friends in Peace Corp.
    Your mom said that you are healthy and look ever so happy. And here you have earned life long friends. I know because my dear friend Richard Eyre just had a Peace Corp reunion at his conifer tree farm where a couple hundred friends showed up. He writes and phones them all on regular basis. You will do the same.
    Incidentally, he just returned from Bolivia where he had designed the town square-not a skill of his. It brought tears to his eyes to see it today. You will have the same rewarding experience. Bless you.

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