Street Food

Let's start with a classic. Beans sandwich on bread. This iteration is with noodles. "Niebe." Approximate cost: $0.21

Apparently, Senegalese street food pales in comparison with what is available in other West African countries. But we have to make do with what we have. Here, a random sampling of things I encounter on the streets in Kolda.

Variation on a theme: "animal style." Eggs, homemade mayonnaise, and hot sauce in the bean sandwich. This is all mostly breakfast food by the way. Approximate cost: $0.58

I never discovered the rich, complex taste that mayonnaise is supposed to have until now. Homemade mayonnaise on the street, even if it’s been sitting out all morning, is so delicious. Despite your misgivings, just dive in. Eat it.

Another breakfast option. Eggs with potatoes, salt, pepper, and Maggi cubes. And hot sauce. Approximate cost: $1.06

Interestingly, men have the monopoly on selling egg sandwiches (which cost more), whereas only women sell bean sandwiches (which cost less).

Protein style with added carbs: No bread, just the spaghetti and potatoes. Approximate cost: $1.00

Every culture has their version of fried dough. Beignets farine (fried wheat flour). Snack? Approximate cost: $0.16

Mutton sandwich. An afternoon with the guys thing. Approximate cost: $1.49

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