Genius, Genius, Genius… I want one of these.

Check this out! I’m so excited about this I’m doing one of those little brain-spurt posts.

My friend Susan, a volunteer working in the Kaolack region, has been using this Coleman Camp Oven (only $40!) to make coffee cake, banana bread, apple cake, quiche, and more… at her site. All you need is a simple gas stove (which we all have) to put under it. This means even the volunteers in the most remote villages will be able to make little pizzas, bread, etc. It has a thermometer so you can tell what temperature it is. Obviously it’s not fool-proof, but our standards for baking perfection are already pretty low here, so anything is welcome. And apparently, it folds flat. Why don’t more volunteers have these? Or am I just really out of the loop? Even I, a city volunteer, want one of these, so that my host mama can eat banana bread to her heart’s content.

2 thoughts on “Genius, Genius, Genius… I want one of these.

    • I guess it all depends on how heavy it is and how costly to send… Also, don’t forget that all your other luggage will be filled with wholesale-quantity food from Costo when you come to see me. HA!

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