A Food Diary

Here are 7 photos. One week’s worth of lunches. Depending on your point of view, this may look varied, or monotonous. My host mother is an excellent cook.

Maafe Gerte: Rice with peanut sauce

Cheboujenn: Rice cooked w/ oil & tomato sauce; fish, vegetables

Not quite sure what this one's called. Yassa Teew? Meat with onion sauce. This was a very special meal because it was when my ancien Nate came by to visit.

Yassa Liddi: Fish, cabbage, with onion sauce. By the way, the creamed-spinach-looking blobs on the plate are follere, cooked bissap leaves. You mix this in with almost every bite.

Mafe Gerte again. With meat.

Sauce Tomate Liddi: Fish with tomato onion sauce

Untu Liddi: Fish balls with a light onion sauce

4 thoughts on “A Food Diary

  1. Wow, waaw! Seeing the cheb and mafés make me hungry… Your mother certainly looks like a great cook — are you learning how to make these dishes? Do you get any of the “roff” (the best (burned) rice at the bottom of the pan or is that still mostly reserved for men?

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