A Moment in Time

The New York Times asked all its readers to take a picture at 15:00 UTC on Sunday, May 2, 2010 as part of its “A Moment in Time” project. I really wanted to take a nap, but begrudgingly ventured out of my house in search of action. 3:00pm is still siesta time in Senegal, so no exciting photo opportunities immediately presented themselves to me. I arrived at a women’s garden by the river not far from my home and after a while, all these monkeys (or baboons?) appeared across the river, not very far away. Hundreds of them, moving down the river. They were all playing in the trees, bouncing on branches, chasing each other, and hanging out by the river. I had no one else to share my excitement with. The women gardeners were unimpressed and said the monkeys made that migration every day. To me, it was pretty unexpected and amazing.

The NYT is still putting together an interactive feature to display all photos for “A Moment in Time” and you will be able to sort photos by region. I hope to see mine up there.

Monkey river garden. Kolda, Senegal.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

4 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. if the NYT didnt choose it, maybe they didnt see the monkeys right away. its not very apparent there are monkeys in the background at first glance, and then you look and youre like, OMG theres tons of them. Thats what parts of India were like, and a little baby one tried to scare me away, hissing and charging.

  2. Hey, also wanted to tell you I helped install a permaculture garden the other weekend, and I’m hoping to get my certificate this summer at a farm on Orcas. in any case, i’m doing a lot of reading on it, and we should talk more about it. Sam has permaculture training as well.

  3. Hi Maya,

    I passed on your name and mobile # to my Senegalese nephew, Samba Diedhiou, who is interested in learning how to best do a garden at his family home. I expect he will be in touch with you. Best, John Hand (RPCV/Sedhiou)

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