Arrival in Senegal!

We arrived today at 6am in Dakar. After an initial lost baggage scare, I hopped on the van with my fellow volunteers and headed toward Thies (pronounced “chess”), the city where our training center is located. I already had my entrance French, medical, and technical interviews. We will start language and technical training soon. I love the people I’m with. Ah, so excited.

Training Center

4 thoughts on “Arrival in Senegal!

    • I did not think it was that bad. We were with Peace Corps escorts who shuttled us through and helped us find lost baggage. It was great to have them… I could understand it would be difficult to be alone and fend yourself off from people trying to hustle you. If you ever visit it would be good to arrange (or I could possibly) for a Senegalese person to meet you.

  1. We are so excited for you, Maya! You have crafted the most amazing life for yourself. We’re thrilled to share your adventure, albeit vicariously. Love, Kathy, Rich, Jason, & Matthew (who is working in Alaska this summer.)

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